It happens sometime that you are getting ready for the party or any functions and when you are about to wear your shoes you get to know that shoes are out of order, toe could be break or strip can be damage, zipper is not working etc., at that time you just got worried and don’t to know what to do for that and defiantly it’s time to be worried but wait a minute why don’t you fix your shoes by own? I mean it’s not that kind of difficult task to repair your shoes. Workers uniform Supplier in Dubai provides shoe repair persons also. Shoe repair In Dubai Marina is not so much expensive and you can find them easily. Here are some basics problems that you have to face about your shoes.

Your sandal toes or flats are really irritated

Sometime it seems odd that your shoes toes get so irritating and its making trouble for you to wear or your leather sole start to wear down so what to do this time, obviously you would hire someone to fix it. But you can fix it by own, you should put the dance rubber on the bottom of the shoes with shoe repair solution. 

 Your boots are water stained

Definitely it hurts when you buy your favorite leather shoes and which are very expensive are water stained. When you walk with the shoes it feels water while walking that a really big issues so what to do if it is happening you just need to use the newspaper to dry the shoes ,newspaper will suck the water and your shoes will be fine.

Strap is digging into your foot

It gets worse when you buy new shoes for any party or function and when time comes to wear the shoes you come to know that strap is not working its digging again and again on your foot. And you are feeling really uncomfortable. At this time you just need it to stick into your irritating area of shoes and you will able to walk then.

 Your heel is worn down

Sometime you notice that nail spikes have exposed you heel. So at that time try to use the heel cap for the solution it will help you to wear the heel comfortably.

Sneakers have become dirty

This happen with all who wear the sneakers they have to face the dirtiness of the sneakers , so the best solution is to wash the sneaker with detergent and put then for dry in the sunshine, within a 1 day shoe will dry and will be able to wear.