In early 1900 most of the American farmers used Horses and mules for the purpose of farming. These animals in the cultivation of crops. At that time always 25 million Horses and mules were used in farms. But in the mid-1900s, new invention took the lead that were tractors. Because of the use of tractors, the number of mules and horses reduced to almost 2.5 million on farms. Tractors have revolutionized the agricultural sector in the last hundred years.

With the invention of tractors, the mechanical age of farming started. Before that farmers could not imagine doing the heavy work by machine instead of their hands and animals. Farmers used to turn and makes soil, used to carry heavy materials and harvested the farms with the help of animals. The first type of tractor that was released it consisted up of steam engine. But that type of tractor had so many but that type of tractor had so many flaws and thus, steam engine tractors were replaced by gasoline farm tractor. Before the use of tractors, a very low amount of food was obtained but after the use of tractors on a Farm it increased large amount of food that can feed up to 130 people.

When Horses and mules were used for the cultivation and harvesting of crops a specific area was used for the plantation of oats. Horses and mules used to feed on oats. But after the release of gasoline Tractors this space that was used for the food of horses was reduced. Eventually a very small number of farmers use animals for the cultivation of their crops. And with the help of tractors farmers can handle large number of lands. Use of tractors also reduced the time for plowing as compared to that of horses.

A wide variety of tractors are available in market that can be what according to the needs of the farmers. Back in time 15 to 20 hours of labor word used to produce 100 bushels of corn but today with the help of tractor the same amount of corn can be produced in 3 hours. With the help of tractors, the form economy shifted. Back in the time farmers used to grow crops for themselves and for their animals but now farmers grow a large number of crops that they sell in the market. It has given more financial stability to farmers.

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